1. Students understand and can explain properties of electromagnetic radiation.

              2. Students understand interaction of light or energy with matters.

              3. Students understand molecular energy level and can explain which energy can be absorbed and then electronic, vibrational, and rotational transition occurs.

              4. Students can explain how to measure light absorption.

              5. Students understand laws of light absorption.

              6. Students can tell the differences between emission and absorption spectra.


There are 7 subtitles of this part ;

              1.1 Electromagnetic Radiation

              1.2 What is Spectroscopy?

              1.3 Molecular Energy Level

              1.4 Interaction of Light With Matter

              1.5 Measurement of Light Absorption

              1.6 Laws of Light Absorption

              1.7 Emission and Absorption Spectra

              1.8 Introduction spectroscopy Problems


              1. What is spectroscopy?

              2. Why do different energies affect different components of atoms or molecules?

              3. What are factors that affect coupling constants?

              4. How can light absorption be absorbed?