Since you learned about peak integration, chemical shift, and multiplicity, in this part you will learn about how to integrate these informational data together. Moreover, you will learn about how to interpret more complicated spectra.


              1. Students can calculate index of hydrogen deficiency from the given molecular formula correctly.

              2. Students can analyze spectra from chemical shift and multiplicity correctly.

              3. Students can integrate information data together and obtain the correct structural formula.

              4. Students can interpret more complicated spectra quickly and effectively.


There are 4 subtitles of NMR Problem Solving;

              5.1 Index of Hydrogen Deficiency

              5.2 From H-1 NMR Spectrum to Structural Formula

              5.3 Chemical Classes

              5.4 1H-NMR Problem Set


              1. What is important information that we obtain from analyzing molecular formula?

              2. How to start interpreting complicated NMR spectrum?

              3. How can we interpret more complicated spectra?