You have learnt almost everything about NMR spectroscopy. Now you will have a chance to practice with various NMR problem sets. You will know how much or how well you know about NMR spectroscopy. The problem sets can be able to give you solution and explanation as well as constructive and relevant feedback on your progress.


              1. Students experience all various types of problem sets.

              2. Students understand the solution and explanation for each problem.

              3. Students receive constructive and relavant feedback on their progress.


There are 4 subtitles of this part;

              9.1 Millionaire Game

              9.2 H-1 & C-13 NMR Problem Set

              9.3 Link to Other Problem Sites


              1. When we experience with problems involving H-1, C-13 & 2D NMR spectra, how can we integrate these data together and obtain the correct structure for those spectra?

              2. How well and how much you know about NMR spectroscopy?

              3. Are there any NMR problem sites that are appropriate for us?