You have learned almost all aspects of NMR spectroscopy, however, it is not enough. In this part, you will learn about some information that are important for operating with an NMR spectrometer.


              1. Students can explain how to clean NMR tubes.

              2. Students can explain how to prepare an NMR sample.

              3. Students understand the meaning of each acquisition parameter.

              4. Students can answer most frequently asked questions about NMR spectrometers.


There are 4 subtitles of additional Data;

              8.1 NMR Sample Preparation

              8.2 Determination of NMR Spectra: Acquisition Parameters

              8.3 Most Frequently Asked Questions about NMR Spectrometers

              8.4 NMR Resource Links


              1. Why do we have to make NMR tubes to be really clean?

              2. What are factors that we have to thinking of when we want to prepare NMR samples?

              3. What are acquisition parameters and how do they affect the resulting spectrum?