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An Interactive Web-Based Learning Course: NMR Spectroscopy is developed to improve and facilitate students’ learning as well as achievement of learning objectives in the concepts of multiplicity, chemical shift, and problem solving. Since NMR problem solving skills are emphasized, concepts of multiplicity and chemical shift are also emphasized because they are basic concepts for practicing problem solving. Most of animations and pictures in this web-based learning are new created and simplified to explain processes and principles in NMR spectroscopy. With meaningful animations and pictures, simplified English language used, and step-by-step problem solving. Moreover, this contains a lot of various interactive tests such as Millionaire Game, Multiple Choice Test, Spectrum Prediction Test, Matching Test, and Input Text Test. For this reason, this web-based learning course can be self-learning website and best on the students’ convenience. Therefore, students will learn a lot from this website.

If there are some errors or you want to advise something, please contact me at Your suggestions will be helpful in development of this web-based learning course.

NOTE : This is the trial version, please don't make any coppy.

Thank you for your kindness

Saksri Supasorn
Sunanta Vibuljan
January 05, 2006